Once you have determined that Facebook is the right fit for your department or organization, here are a few things to think about as you get started.

Create a Page Strategy

Having a plan will help you reach your goals and set the overall tone for your page so your fans know what to expect.

  • Set some goals: Use your goals to shape the content on your page to ensure it is useful and relevant
  • Share exclusive content: Post photos, videos, links to articles, event info and other relevant information that highlights your department or organization. Try to keep your posts to only a few throughout the day so they will be more meaningful and have a greater impact to your fans.
  • Monitor your page daily: Set aside time throughout the day to monitor and respond to comments. Social media users expect quick responses to their questions and concerns.

Build Your Community

There are a number of ways to increase awareness and bring more people to your page.

  • Engage with your fans: Be responsive to any questions they might have and take the opportunity to encourage feedback and dialog.
  • Promote: Add calls to action such as “Like us on Facebook” with a link to your page on fliers, emails and other promotional materials.
  • Add the Like button (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like) on your website: Make it easy for people to like your page, even when they’re not on Facebook.

Learn and Grow

Facebook provides a tool called Insights that allows you to analyze metrics for your page. Using Insights you can see:

  • How your page is performing
  • What day of the week most people visit
  • How often people comment
  • Which posts are most engaging
  • How to improve your page strategy

Additional Resources

Facebook’s 2013 Best Practice Guide for Causes & Nonprofits
Facebook Insights FAQ

*Excerpts taken from Facebook for Business http://www.facebook.com/business/pages