UCLA’s Social Media Guidelines are intended to provide support and guidance for UCLA departments and organizations in the management of their UCLA social media channels.

When we all use the same elements and speak with a shared voice, we can tell a more powerful story. All UCLA schools, divisions, departments, programs and members of the UCLA community should do their best to follow UCLA’s Brand Guidelines.

Key Message

Our goal in social media is to connect UCLA’s discoveries, achievements, and aspirations to their impact, both locally and globally. And as the #1 public university in the nation, our social media can also help us gain direct insight into the issues that the public cares about.

Social media provides us the opportunity for a two-way conversation about what the public considers relevant to our world, regardless of a person’s segment or affiliation. We can think of our audiences beyond segments, and instead think about the commonalities that unite them as Optimists and the causes and concerns we hope to affect and change.