Earth Day Virtual Backgrounds

At UCLA, every day is Earth Day.

Celebrate the day with these HD video & image backgrounds for your favorite videoconferencing platform!

Located in the southeastern corner of campus.

Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden

Mildred’s legacy of botanical research lives on in the garden that she directed for almost 20 years.

Between Franz Hall and the Geology Building in South Campus.

Hummingbird Alley

Professor Melanie Barboni is also known as the “hummingbird whisperer,” building a community of over 200 hummingbirds outside of her office.

Anywhere in the center of campus, basically.

Squirrels on Bruin Walk

Bruin Walk is home to dozens of our beloved Eastern fox squirrels.

In the central northern area of campus, believe it or not!

Stone Canyon Creek

Little-known campus fact: UCLA has a creek behind the Anderson School of Management.